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Webserial "Elephant in the Room"

Come probe deep into the intricate lives and profound challenges of a dynamic and diverse cast of characters. At its heart is Panya, a resilient young black woman grappling with her disillusionment with Christianity and its overbearing influence on her life. Her journey toward emancipation is intertwined with her relationship with Chase, her archaeologist husband, whose discoveries challenge the biblical narrative of creation, adding depth and conflict to their lives.

Woven into narrative is Jenn B, an emerging blonde-haired, brown-eyed songstress carving out her space in the music industry. Fall in love with Peter Arsenal a sharp-witted Harvard Law attorney, and the love of his life Sid Henry, a driven Wharton graduate and activist for equality. The backdrop is set against a life of opulence and professional success, “Elephant in the Room” explores the enduring bonds of friendship, love, and the sting of being different. Meet the Cast

A wave of disappointment crashed over me, leaving a bitter taste in my mouth. “I’ll be damn!” I sighed, realizing I was caught in another altar call.  Read Now

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Church, Friendship, Power, Religion

But the allure didn’t end there. Jenn upped the ante by offering an evening of endless margaritas. As if that wasn’t enough, she casually mentioned that Kevin Hart would be performing at a private party in town tonight.  Read Now

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My inner rebel, which I had often silenced in favor of conformity and peace, now roared to life, refusing to be overshadowed by the theatricality of the moment. Read Now

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Peter and I were here only because of a birthday catch-22. But come December, for Peter’s 30th, we’d be escaping to the warmth of the south like migrating birds. Read Now

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