Inside Elephant in the Room," webserial, we meet a captivating ensemble of core characters, each with their own stories, struggles, and triumphs. Allow them to introduce themselves:

My journey isn't just a story of navigating life's ups and downs; it's about embracing every part of me. Every step I take is a dance of resilience, a testament to the grit it takes to face the world different. As I move through the complexities of my experiences, I've learned that my true power lies in love and perseverance. I'm ready to share my narrative and inspire those who walk alongside me. Start reading.


I've discovered the power of resilience. Life has thrown its fair share of curveballs, and each one has taught me the value of standing strong in the face of adversity. My experiences have not hardened me; instead, they've imbued me with empathy, allowing me to connect with others on a more profound level. I've found strength not only in my victories but in my vulnerabilities, in the moments where I've had the courage to say, "I am not okay," and then took the steps to create a better me. Start reading.


My life is a canvas of diverse experiences and as the founder of "Different Faces," a nonprofit dedicated to championing the causes closest to my heart, I've learned that real influence goes beyond mere words—it's about action and persistence and relationships. My partner, Peter, and our circle of friends are united in our resolve to freely be ourselves. Hell, come and join the party, we welcome the Start reading.


I'm Peter Arsenal, an attorney with a penchant for making the impossible possible. My journey wasn't always destined for the courtroom; it took courage, determination, and a relentless pursuit of justice to carve out my path in the legal world. Beyond the suits and courtroom battles, my life is enriched by the love I share with my partner, Sid, and our circle of friends, who are more like family. I'm known for my calm demeanor, but those close to me know the passions that burns within me. Join me, and let's explore life together, one chapter at a time. Start reading.