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"Elephant in the Room" is a captivating web serial that dives deep into the intricate lives, profound challenges, and intricate relationships of a dynamic and diverse cast of characters. At its heart is Panya, a resilient Black woman grappling with her disillusionment with Christianity and its overbearing influence on her life. Her journey toward emancipation is intertwined with her relationship with Chase, her archaeologist husband, whose discoveries challenge the biblical narrative of creation, adding depth and conflict to their lives. Woven into this narrative fabric are the stories of Jenn B, an emerging blonde-haired, brown-eyed songstress carving out her space in the music industry, and the couple Peter Arsenal, a sharp-witted Harvard Law attorney, and Sid Henry, a driven Wharton graduate. Together, their changing perspectives and battle for autonomy, erupts normalcy and the tapestry of their lives and those connected are forever changed.

New chapters of "Elephant in the Room" are released regularly ensuring that our readers have exciting new content to look forward to.

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Currently, our "Elephant in the Room" webserial focuses on the main storyline, but we do have plans of exploring the possibility of spin-offs and additional content from each chapter. Request membership and stay informed.

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