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RJANIS, merges education, entertainment, and community engagement. We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities and internships that reflect our commitment to social acceptance, understanding, and creative expression. Here are some opportunities now available:

Volunteer Opportunities

1. Community Workshop Facilitator:

Description: Volunteers to run workshops focusing on the arts, diversity, and technology to foster understanding and creativity among community members.
Skills Gained: Public speaking, community engagement, workshop planning.
Impact: Increases community cohesion and provides educational opportunities outside of traditional settings.

2. Social Media Advocate:

Description: Volunteers to help amplify RJANIS's message on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook through engaging content and community interaction.
Skills Gained: Digital marketing, content creation, strategic communication.
Impact: Broadens RJANIS's reach and promotes digital literacy and advocacy work.

3.Event Coordinator Volunteer:

Description: Assist in organizing community and virtual events that promote RJANIS’s goals of inclusion and cultural celebration.
Skills Gained: Event management, logistical coordination, vendor relations.
Impact: Facilitates real-world community building and enhances the visibility of cultural initiatives.

4. Tech Developer Volunteer:

Description: Support the technical backend of RJANIS platforms by developing new features and tools to enhance user interaction.
Skills Gained: Coding, system design, user experience design.
Impact: Directly contributes to the improvement and innovation of RJANIS's digital resources.


1. Content Creation Intern:

Description: Create engaging and thoughtful content that reflects the diverse experiences and ideas of the RJANIS community.
Skills Gained: Writing, SEO, multimedia production.
Impact: Enriches the RJANIS content library with diverse narratives and perspectives, improving SEO and engagement.

2. Community Outreach Intern:

Description: Work on outreach programs that aim to bring more users to the RJANIS platform. 
Skills Gained: Strategic planning, partnership building, community assessment.
Impact: Expands RJANIS’s user base and ensures the platform is accessible and relevant to its audience.

3. Digital Marketing Intern:

Description: Implement marketing campaigns that promote RJANIS's services and initiatives online, particularly around the webserial "Elephant in the Room".
Skills Gained: Digital marketing strategies, analytics, campaign management.
Impact: Increases the visibility of RJANIS's projects and drives engagement through targeted marketing efforts.

4. Web Development Intern:

Description: Assist in the development and maintenance of the RJANIS website, ensuring it remains accessible, functional, and secure.
Skills Gained: Web development, cybersecurity basics, content management systems.
Impact: Plays a crucial role in maintaining the technical robustness and user-friendliness of the RJANIS platform.