The bleeding emotional trauma in my life was caged deep inside me. Writing this book demanded my attention to detail and forced me to confront the realities of my life. Skillfully penned and woven into the pages of this book is the story of a front-runner hosted by a supporting lineage of heroes. The events written in this book are actual, and in disclosing my story, the life and deeds of others are unveiled as well. Only some names have been changed to allow others to identify themselves if and when they choose.

In my heart, I know the time for this writing is in season. In many instances, throughout the transcribing process, I unseated my laptop and walked away in tears. I am hopeful my story brings you face to face with the mirror of your life, and in doing so, you will gain an understanding of your experiences. The good ones and the not-so-good ones. Access The Man in the Black Suit


Janis Todd-Randall

Visionary | Warrior