All my life I have been a dreamer. I suppose mostly it helped me to escape from the harsh realities that held me captive in my childhood. I have always loved designing, whether it was designing clothes, or interior designing, I loved it and I was pretty damn good at it.

I remember the themed rooms my mother crated in our house, the orange room in particular was a favorite of mine. Everything in the room was orange, different shades of orange of course but none the lee orange I was a teenager when my mother designed this room. I remember when it was just an empty room she would go into the room and sit in a folding chair in the middle of the room, I remember, walking pass one day and catching a glimpse of her sitting in the empty room. I walked into the room and interrupted her thoughts. What are you doing I asked. "I am designing" she replied, I did not understand until many years later when I found myself sitting in an empty room, designing.

And that is how RJANIS Clothing began, in an empty room full of clothing and untamed thoughts and possibilities. RJANIS is about more than clothing it is about freeing your mind and dealing with the elephant in your room and understating that in doing so, you find yourself.